How to Write About Your House: Ideas for Personal Essay

Big House

Last time we have discussed a personal essay about your family, and how you can make it more original and understandable for the reader. This time we will improve our writing skills by analyzing how to write about your house.

Many times, you could consider really ordinary ideas concerning such topic. However, we tried to outline the most important points of the essay, so you can arrange your writing in a certain direction and style.

We all live somewhere: in an apartment, in a house, in the countryside, etc. The English proverb “My home is my castle” implies that our house is the place where we spend a significant part of our life. We strive to equip our home, make it as comfortable as it is possible. We show our interior to our guests, and we are curious to know how others live.

In this article, you will learn how to describe your home in the personal essay. We will talk about how to complete your writing, using as much potential and material as you need. See below what we have prepared for you! For more information – click here!

Step 1. Prepare a Draft
Look through the material you have and decide which aspect of your topic should be covered in the text. If you need to tell what your house looks like, write down the information that concerns the exterior.
Include information about the location, the size, and the buildings around. When describing, it is important to specify in what part of the town you live, because the area where the person lives affects its lifestyle.

Also, give some details about nature, particularly lakes and parks that surround your home. It will make a pleasant impression and encourage the reader to imagine the general characteristics about your house. It is a different thing, however, when you are writing about the feeling of home and do not include outside features. Then you should give a complete outlook on coziness and warmth you may experience when you are at home.

Step 2. Outside The House

Building Design

After you have arranged some material about your house, it is time to think about a structure. At first, pay more attention to the general things, moving from the biggest details to the smallest. Describe the exterior, and then move smoothly to the part dedicated to the house itself.

This can be an apartment building (apartment building/block of flats), consisting of a large number of apartments, or a single-family house or the one for more families. Tell more about how many floors there are. Does it have enough space inside and does it have electricity?

Then move to the inside, and talk about interior: tell how many rooms there are; in which colors everything is made, describe the furniture, windows’ shape, and even curtains. It must be as detailed as it is possible. However, give your details some poetic charm, so the paper would be written in a style of essay.

Do not forget to decorate the description of your home with some beautiful expressions, such as:

  • The more the merrier.
  • East or West, home is best.
  • A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.
    Step 3. Interior Features

If your topic concerns the phenomenon of home, not the building but the atmosphere inside, you should clearly highlight other points. Start with the people who live in there and smoothly transit to the feeling they create.

Do you like to come back home? How much time do you spend there? What do you connect with the thought of home? You may also include details about interior: what makes your home cozy, for example, a fireplace or an old bookshelf. Find a bond between them, so you will not lose the main idea and stick to the topic. If you want to tell about ordinary objects that you can find in every room, specify why is it important to mention the household items in your particular case?

That is how you can link up some funny family stories or tell about the furniture or other things that are connected with your family history.

Step 4. Home VS House

Feeling of Home
Make these definitions out in order not to mix your ideas. In English, these words correspond to completely different meanings. The word “house” is used when you are talking about the subject like a building. With this word, you may connect such concepts as garden, chimney, roof, flat, building.


What about home? “Home” is a broader concept and can be implied as a homeland, and as a house, where the person has been living for many years. People associate with this word such concepts as family, life, parents, help, and rest. For example, if you have an idea to outline both of them, you can apply some features of a comparative and contrast essay. In such way, you may tell how the comfort inside is important. However, the feeling of home is created not by expensive furniture and the number of floors in it but by the people who live there.

Step 5. How to Finish?

It is great when people are proud to say that their house is a mighty fortress that protects not only from the weather but also from the enemies, evil thoughts, and mental disorders. For a moment imagine the loving owner of the dwelling who has returned from the long journey. Just by turning the key in the keyhole of the door of his house, he feels something that disturbs his mind and soul. This is the inner excitement before meeting with his home walls.


Who does not admire the fact that the working day is coming to the end and that they can finally run home? However, not everybody can experience the mentioned feeling. So what is the deal? Why do some people, who have a nice little cozy apartment that needs a repair, feel more comfortable that those who live in a luxurious mansion in the prestigious area of ​​the city?


It is all about the atmosphere at home. Moreover, it all depends directly on us, the owners of our houses that can become homes for our hearts and souls. Try to recreate this feeling in your essay and the reader will soak up the entire atmosphere of your lovely place.

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