How to Write About Your Family: Ideas for Writing

Happy Family

Writing an essay about your family as a group of close people may be a tough task to begin with. There are a lot of different factors that cause some difficulties. For example, you need to do some research or talk to your relatives, or just to brainstorm the topic in case you have no ideas for writing.

However, we decided to pick some brief rules and writing guides that will help you cover the topic and highlight the most important things successfully. Sometimes such topic may be considered as irrelevant and even not interesting. Students do not have too much enthusiasm for it. At that point, how about taking a stab at looking at your family from a different angle? You will find some ideas about the topic of the essay, the text structure, and even several examples. For more information – go here!

Clear It Up

To accomplish a personal essay about your family, you should be clear about the things you would like to express. For example, it is necessary for you to describe the people who are in it or describe some personal characteristics that define your family as a unique part of a society. You may also interview your relatives just in case you need some additional information. Do it in as research. Bring some up-coming issues or a reasonable thesis about being a little piece of this single mechanism that is called a family.

Talking About Appearance

Writing List

If we are talking about appearance, you should start with very simple things. Include information about height, hair color and add some catchy details: for example, mention pretty wrinkles around your grandmother’s eyes or funny sunspots of your younger brother.

Be honest with the reader, show that your family is not perfect, but you have learned to see the beauty in imperfections. Try to complete your descriptions without giving detailed information on weight or some flaws in appearance. It might hurt, first of all, and secondly, concentrating on negative things may destroy your essay. Would you like to read something like “I love my older sister, but she needs to get thinner as she has always been really big?” It is better to use a very polite lexis, for example, “slim” instead of “skinny,” and “plump” or “chubby” instead of “fat.”

Family Research

After you have done with your thesis statement, choose what you are going to tell in the text, search for some facts about your family’s past, your ancestors and family traditions. Create a family tree also looks good, or you can distinguish people in your family by their professions or some memories about their character. If you need to describe people from your family tree, make a comparison between them and your modern family. Some features might repeat, which will be quite interesting to write about. Find a bond between your relatives, something that still holds them together.

Writing About Traditions

Family Traditions

If you are paying more attention to family traditions and the whole atmosphere, try to recreate these memories in your head. For example, your essay is about Family Christmas, so you should tell about family cooking, praying, congratulating, sharing gifts. And, of course, you should give a reader an emotional experience. Share your feelings of having a special connection between you and your family that night, add some rhetorical questions. You will make the reader think about their own Family Christmas, which is the aim of your paper. You need to bring special associations into reader’s brain, so that your text could become a memorable piece of writing – something that impresses and leaves a fingerprint.

Family Habits

First of all, find a general capacious definition of your family, from which you can start your story. For example: “we have a close family that consists of 5 creative persons. We are proud of our family traditions and observe them scrupulously”. After that, you can tell what exactly your family members like to do when you are coming together. “We have family dinner every night. We talk, share our joys and sorrows. Together we solve each other’s problems or just celebrate our victories”. Another option is to tell which activity you do together and how it influences your relations particularly. For example, you may tell that every evening you spend together playing Monopoly.

Unique Characteristics

Generally, each family has its own characteristics. That is what you need to tell about: what distinguishes your nearest and dearest; whether they have any special responsibilities, character traits.

Write honestly. If you need to write in detail about the family, then it is worth noting how your family brought you up. For example, in order to prepare you for school, your grandmother spent a lot of time teaching you how to read tales.

Or: “My father saw a talent for a certain sport in my early childhood, so he offered me to enroll in the sports section;” “my mother taught me how to cook our traditional family dish,” and so on. Do not be shy as a description of your family can deal with some of your family relics, objects that you and/or other family members value in particular: “My grandmother has a very nice necklace, which my grandfather gave her twenty years later after the date of their wedding. He said that this necklace will bring her luck, and she wears it all the time, without putting it off at all. Seems that it works, as my grandmother is smiling almost all the time.”

The Family Image

When writing, you may feel not really comfortable, as there are some issues in your family that slow down the process. However, think of how you can ease the situation. What is the secret of a happy family?

The main one is a communication. In happy families, spouses talk a lot to each other. The couples, who are married happily, tend to interact superficially, mainly at the level of household items such as lunch, household duties, other people’s actions, etc. Plans and dreams, interests and hobbies are respected in such families. In happy families, trusting each other is the most important thing. Tell those things that sometimes are hard to talk about, but they are true.

What should people do to become a happy family? How to cherish more trust and understanding? First of all, start communicating. Have 20 minutes per day, even 5-10 minutes, but only for communication, for sharing your emotions and feelings.

Feel free to be sincere in your writing, and you will manage to get a brilliant outcome!

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