Robert Kiyosaki and His Teachings: That All Is About Money. Part 1

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Being one of the most famous and successful multi-millionaires of the 21st century, Robert T. Kiyosaki has set himself a very noble but, maybe, slightly incredible goal. He wants to teach people to earn and manage big money. A founder of Rich Dad’s Organization, a smart and far-sighted businessman, an author of several best-sellers and just a very charismatic man, Mr. Kiyosaki advocates for practical knowledge and skills which will help you achieve what you want if you apply them properly. Forget about theory and philosophy – get ready to discover inconceivable but revolutionary and therefore promising solutions from the person who has gone through the mill!

How It Was

In one of his interviews Robert Kiyosaki remembers: when he was a 9-year-old boy, that is in 1956, he asked his school teacher when the class would learn some subject about money. The thing was that Robert’s father, who was Superintendent in the State Department of Education in Hawaii at that time, could give his son a very good education, so little Robert studied in one of the best schools of the state, together with children from wealthy families. Under such conditions the question about money, coming from the lips of the child, sounded natural but naïve. The teacher answered that school did not teach subjects about money, because money was bad.

However, the boy understood that it was not. His friends’ fathers were rich and had lots of money, but they did not seem to feel bad. The teacher also said that children had to go to school in order to find a good job in the future. So, Robert faced the choice: he could continue attending classes, then find a good job and remain poor (in his sense of the term); or he could make big money and become rich. It is not difficult to guess which road he decided to take.

Achievements and Recognition. And Criticism?

Books and Money

After studying in New York, working on an oil tanker, serving in Vietnam and making sales for Xerox, in 1977 Robert Kiyosaki set his first own business. His company sold small leather and nylon items. His success was not as considerable as he might expect. Later he would admit that he had done many mistakes, to which he would dedicate some of his books. His second attempt was more profitable: he sold T-shirts for rockers. However, the tendencies in music started to change, and the company went bankrupt. Besides, Robert invested in the real estate and stock market, but the investments only worsened the situation: his debt was rumored to be huge.

The Way Out

He gradually realized what he had done wrong and how to take a new turn. He even planned to establish a special business education center to teach people lessons he learnt from his failures and achievements. But at first he was destined host a seminar about money, continue playing the stock market and meet the woman who became his wife and business partner.

Robert Kiyosaki’s star began shining brighter after he published a few books. He revealed secrets of business success, explained various mistakes all budding entrepreneurs make, and provided effective tips to correct them. His seminars also were getting more and more popular. A lot of people knew about him and what he did, and they did like it. Having provided his family with reliable and regular passive income, Mr. Kiyosaki and his wife Kim, supported by their partners and friends, undertook various educational campaigns with which they successfully proceed nowadays.


Writer’s fame came to Robert Kiyosaki after he and Sharon Lechter published the book Rich Dad Poor Dad in 1997. Although it was criticized for being a “fable”, millions of its copies were sold almost instantly. The book was translated into different languages and followed by many other titles. The interesting fact is that the tycoon’s books are intended not only for adults but also for teens.

Rich Dad’s Organization and Its Brands

The company was founded in 1995. Nowadays it has its website, wonderful blog and a range of its own brands. Rich Dad’s aim is to teach people, especially the youth, business, investment and money management.

Business Games

In addition, Robert Kiyosaki is a creator of the series of online games for children and adults, known as Cashflow. Gamers learn to find ways out of different financial situations and gain as much profit from them as possible.

What About Criticism?

Of course, Mr. Kiyosaki’s ideas and methods have opponents. These people are businessmen, economists, managers and writers who are guided by different considerations but whose arguments remain reasonable. Most critics accuse Robert Kiyosaki of invalidity of the facts he provides in his interviews, poor explanation and some shadowed issues in his books, as well as of many other things. However, time will show whether his opponents are just jealous or their remarks really have sense.

Mr. Kiyosaki Talks: Brief Overview of Kiyosaki’s Teachings

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Robert Kiyosaki is a businessman with invaluable experience. Otherwise, it is unlikely that he could come up with ideas which have attracted literally tens of millions of people all around the world. What is more, his ideas and advice will definitely never lose their topicality, as they are oriented towards the near future. So, what does Mr. Kiyosaki talk about?

About Employment and Entrepreneurship

The truth is that you must be your own master who can manage the money and will never let it take control. Entrepreneurship is your solution! To put it simply, you must be a boss so as not to share your income with somebody else.

About Investing and Planning

Robert Kiyosaki expresses very interesting thoughts about the issue of investing. Firstly, he says that you need more mind and knowledge than money to set it right. Secondly, you do not need to be afraid of risks, because employment is always riskier. Thirdly, investing requires planning and clear understanding of what you want.

About Currency Today

Though being born in the US, Mr. Kiyosaki does not believe in Dollar. What is more, along with some other financial experts, he predicts that an economic collapse is inevitable unless economic policies are amended rationally. On the other hand, he mentions the so-called cryptocurrency or Bitcoin which is expected to come and rescue the world after the collapse. Bitcoin is decentralized, so it should not be equated to dollar; nor is it a reserve currency.  Its main goal is to secure financial transactions and control the creation of additional currency units.

About Money Management

Despite his attitude to education, which does not teach young people to earn money, Mr. Kiyosaki encourages learning and teaching others. He claims that the faster you learn, the more time you have to enjoy your success. He highlights that it is important to stay optimistic and ask yourself how you personally can afford what you want, instead of just complaining that you cannot afford it.

P.S.: Tycoon and Idealist or Not?

Who is Robert T. Kiyosaki in reality? Are his aspirations to share the secrets of tycoons’ success with everybody so sincere, or he actually pursues much more mercenary aims? What we can see today is that he is an outstanding personality who has managed to solve a lot of financial riddles and can even predict the future. In Part 2 you will discover more details of his practical and 100% material philosophy. We are going to focus on the most interesting and revolutionary ideas of this great businessman. So, stay with us and just follow our blog updates!

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