Robert Kiyosaki and His Teachings: Money Ideology in Practice. Part 2


We will not exaggerate if we consider Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, the man who has made a big fortune (in every sense of the latter word), as one of the most outstanding and cryptic personalities of the modern world. In Part 1 we have made out where he comes from and how he has become who he is today. However, his ideas on and methods for achieving success are so avant-garde that they deserve separate and more detailed research and analysis. So, now we are going to discover the main principles of Mr. Kiyosaki’s philosophy and their implementations in real life. Let’s find out what he can teach us and whether his approach is really so effective!

Spheres of Interest: Basic Lessons from Robert Kiyosaki

Nowadays, Mr. Kiyosaki and his wife Kim Kiyosaki are widely known not only for their wealth. They are authors of the world’s most popular bestsellers about money. Their books, however it would be more appropriate to call them guides or manuals, are mostly dedicated to wealth-generating strategies. Besides, the official website of Rich Dad’s Organization is regularly updated with different articles which discuss a wide range of entrepreneurship and business issues and news. Indeed, at first sight it may seem quite difficult to cover the entire spectrum of Mr. Kiyosaki’s interests. However, if we take a more careful look, we will see that his teaching mainly concerns the following three questions.

Stock Market

1. Risks and Benefits of Investment

Robert Kiyosaki encourages investment. At the same time, he is rightfully credited with not introducing investment as a universal remedy. He claims that it requires not just money – you should invest your mind if you want to be successful. It means, a budding investor needs smart and careful planning, infinite patience and, of course, very strong motivation. Although it is a risky undertaking, Mr. Kiyosaki says that it is not as dicey as being an employee and depending on another person.

2. Money Management Essentials

According to Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings, you will not be able to get rich unless you can manage the money you have at the moment. The recipe is quite simple. You should learn a lot of financial basics, plan and count your money meticulously as well as be an active, communicative and fearless person. You must make your money work for you, even when everything around you and it crashes. This may sound somewhat far from reality; but, on the other hand, following such guidelines can turn your current reality into the one where they do work.

3. Business Education for Everybody

Despite his cold attitude to traditional education which does not teach young people how exactly to earn money, Robert Kiyosaki welcomes and supports a wish to learn it. We should also remember that he became famous as a host of seminars on money management and money-making. The more you know and the more challenges you have overcome, the bigger your chances for success are. Besides, exchanging experience and working with people who share your views and ambitions will help you achieve your highest goals.

Father’s Advice: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Father and Son

Rich Dad Poor Dad is actually the first book self-published by Robert Kiyosaki under Amazon in 1997. Since then more than 20 million copies have been bought worldwide. And still, despite this number, the book is treated differently by its audience. On the one hand, it has become the first Kiyosaki’s attempt to share his positive and negative life experience with the whole world and hence let others learn from his mistakes. To some extent, this is an autobiography of the rich man who fell on hard times, blazing a new trail in the world of finances.

On the other hand, the book also got negative feedback. For example, John T. Reed, an American businessman, investor and author, states that it gives the readers no good but wrong and even dangerous advice, such as “to broke big” if you are going to broke anyway or to forget about college because it is for “suckers”. He also points at some chronological gaps and factual mistakes, calling the publication just a collection of old clichés about money.

However, there still must be something that attracts millions of people to purchase this book, including the actor Will Smith and the current President of the United States Donald Trump. Let’s try to make out what exactly it is!

Who Are These Dads?

Young Businessmen

Kiyosaki’s “poor dad” is his biological father, Mr. Ralph Kiyosaki, who occupied high-level job positions in the State Department of Education in Hawaii. Their family was not very wealthy though, and little Robert often wondered why it was so. “Rich dad” is rumored to be father of Robert’s best school friend, whose family was richer. Whether that man was real or not, Kiyosaki mentioned that he became his life mentor and taught him a lot of helpful things. However, it is also likely that his “rich dad” and inspirer was Buckminster Fuller, an American scientist, engineer, educator, futurist and just one of the most prominent people of the 20th century.

Brief Overview

In the book Robert Kiyosaki compares two types of upbringing, paying more attention to the issue of money and the way it is explained to a child. The first type is “traditional” upbringing which Robert’s poor father gave him when he was a little boy. According to his ideas, traditionally children of average workers are not taught what money is, why people need it in reality and how to earn it. On the contrary, rich parents do explain their children everything they need to know about money. That is why, when they grow older, they have more chances to become successful than their peers from families with average income. So, basing on such comparison, Kiyosaki designs an optimal pattern of personal development which allows to manage finance and invest in a smart and far-sighted way.

Tips and Tricks from Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad

Of course, Rich Dad Poor Dad is the book mostly for the devoted. If you can hardly imagine what is stock market and how investing works, it may be difficult for you to understand what Mr. Kiyosaki advises. His ideas may look shocking and too extravagant to accept them easily. Still, they also have the right to exist, so let’s list the most popular of them here.

  • It is vitally essential to possess financial literacy and intelligence. However, this is what traditional education does not teach students.
  • Investing and entrepreneurship are important to provide yourself with sustainable future.
  • It is necessary to know the difference between liabilities and assets.
  • Fortune is the product of your success, while to be successful you must have strong business and leadership skills, rich experience, connections and motivation.

In Case You Do Need Some Conclusion

Robert Kiyosaki is a great personality in the world of today, whether we agree with his teachings or not. He does not claim that his ideas will help us all be happy and make our dreams come true. It is another question why he decided to teach his money philosophy to others. However, there is no doubt that if it has appeared interesting to many people, it is destined to change their lives, and hopefully, for the better.

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