The Main Body: What Makes a Perfect Essay Perfect?

Writing style

If you want to write a great and non-plagiarized essay, give yourself enough time for this task. You will have to rewrite the paper a few times and restructure your work. After that, you will need to try several approaches to make sure that each sentence clearly covers your idea. Here are a few tips to help you in this difficult task. After finding some practical rules in The Independent, we have decided to share some brilliant ideas with you!

Stop Your Perfectionism

Many students are committed to excellence, and this prevents them from working. They spend hours sitting at the computer, trying to write the perfect essay, again and again rewriting the draft and in the end, do not have more than a few sentences.

Editing is often easier than writing. So do not think – just write. Even if the text is not perfect, it is better than a blank page. A reader does not expect perfection from you, so you have to show yourself as a realist, provide a sober assessment of the advantages and disadvantages. Oddities, weaknesses, flaws show what a person you are, so just do not be afraid of them. Probably, on contrary to expectations, you will be readable. Prove that you can learn from the mistakes, describe how you managed to win your weaknesses or overcome obstacles. Also, it is important to show that the writing helps you and may help the one that reads.

Note It All

Keep a notebook and write into it all the interesting ideas that come to your mind. We always forget the brilliant ideas that may appear in our brain unexpectedly, foolishly thinking they will stay with us for a very long time. An interesting lecture, a conversation with a friend, experiences, participation in the marathon, a fascinating book – all these things can provide you with good food for thought and help you prepare the material for the essay. Do not suffer searching for something new and original. Just write down your observations and focus on the feelings you get when experiencing something completely new. Very soon you will notice that you have gathered enough material.

What Defines You?

Moreover, when choosing the right method to write an essay, gather information that will help introduce you as a personality. Write down some interesting information about yourself and do not insert it into the summary: what languages ​​you know, which extra-curricular activities you participate, which traditions are respected in your family, etc. These are little things that will help you explain some pieces of your writing: maybe your experience or family background forced you to think in a particular way. This material can also be useful for the essay, as it can reflect your opinions and influence your representation of the topic.

Proceeding to essay questions, do not rush to take up work. Even if you have collected a lot of material, you may have some difficulties. Finally, think what is the most important thing for you. It is not so easy. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary thoughts, try to do the following exercise: set the alarm for 3 a.m. and ask yourself this question when you wake up. You will be surprised by the interesting ideas come to your mind. Do this a few nights in a row and you might find some answers or a better thought through your unconsciousness.

Watch Your Style

Before writing, decide what topics you would like to present in the essay. Match them with the issues and with the materials that you have collected previously. You will know what exactly to show in your paper.

Meanwhile, think which style of writing represents you as a smart person. Think of a schedule. Everyone works in their unique way. Some like to work in the morning, some like to work at night. Some write a draft of a paper at first, some just sit down and create a computer file immediately. Make a plan based on how you prefer to work. In general, for one essay, you need time to actually compose it in your mind, write a rough draft, edit, and proofread. Getting to work, make sure you have enough time. Do not try to do everything in one day. It takes some time for an interesting idea to grow into a really good essay.

A Touch to Finish

At the same time, try to write a short and interesting piece, and make sure it relates to the topic. The best essay is clear, compelling, and understandable for the majority.

Watch your language! Focus on verbs. Verbs convey information about the action. The correct verb is what distinguishes a good writing from a bad one. Do not forget about adjectives. Adjectives serve as descriptive words. However, do no overuse them as the essay becomes less readable.

Give your nouns and verbs a function to describe, rather than using a lot of adjectives. This will make your essay dynamic. Do not write in an informal style. Do not use abbreviated words. Your essay should sound serious, even if it is written in a light or lyrical style.

Also, pay attention to the order of your ideas. All paragraphs should be logically arranged. Moreover, using direct quotes in your essay is a great way to support your ideas with solid evidence and revive the arguments. After your main part is ready, start to sum up everything you have been working on for so long! This is exactly what we are going to talk about next time!


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