How to Write About Personal Goals: Main Ideas

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In the previous article, we have discussed how to choose a profession and write about it. However, this time we will have a conversation on writing about your personal goals.

It is difficult to answer the question about the meaning of human existence, but if you do not understand this question, how do you determine the life goal? The meaning of life is the foundation on which all our plans, dreams and purposes are placed.

Everyone will agree with the great writer Stendhal. He said that human lives on earth not to get rich but to be happy. Indeed, most people choose the main meaning of their life as the desire to live a harmonious, rich and happy life. However, the concept of happiness, prosperity, and harmony, has its own meaning for each of us. This is where the whole thing starts, because many people find it very difficult to break away from the fantasy and begin planning their life. Only the specific goal of human life can be the stimulus that will turn all blurry desires into reality.

Nevertheless, do not forget that the entire process of achieving the main goal of your life consists of small and smart steps. How to set personal goals and, what is more important, how to write about your goals? We will help you! For more information – click here!


Great Success

To get rid of the ambiguity that arises in the mind, senses, dreams and desires, it is important to learn not just to set life goals but also to be able to place them among your priorities. To do this, we divide all possible purposes of human life into two types: the limited ones and those that can take the whole life to achieve them.

Divide your essay into two parts just to describe the biggest goal of your life at first, and then add some detailed ones. Different studies prove that when you construct your goals with respect to something that supports you, you will probably accomplish it. Identify the aspects of your life that you might want to change. At this stage, it is normal for these zones to be decently broadened. Basic rules for prioritizing include self-change by enhancing your connections and making some progress in, for example, work or education.

To Begin With…

Other zones you could look at might incorporate the most profound sense of your being, your passion, and health. Consider this case putting forth some enormous inquiries: for example, “How would I like to develop?” or “What would I like to offer to the world?” These can help you figure out what is the most profitable to you. Record these two options and see how they will transform after you complete them. Consequently, in the opening paragraph, you should put basic information why it is so important for you to achieve goals, and why you work hard in order to fulfil them. You may also define the result you would like to get.

The Limited Ones

Small Goals

These are the goals that are only able to satisfy the desires and needs of the person for a short period of time. They are very bright and can cause a range of positive emotions. For example, the thought of buying a car can draw a vivid picture in one’s mind, and for a specific period of life it will seem the only important thing.

Nevertheless, after a while, that will be not enough and you will place a new purpose. This means that such targets are needed; they can make people happy at the certain moments, but cannot serve as their main life purpose. Such desires should be carried out on the way to the main goal. Assign them to the category that just brings us a new experience.

Achievement of these goals is able to make you more confident and self-sufficient. Here is a rough list of such life goals: to travel more, to buy a car, an apartment, a smartphone, a laptop, a fur coat, a new TV, to repair something, to buy new modern furniture, to visit extreme driving courses, to jump with a parachute, to write a poem and so on. That is why it is possible to highlight such wishes that will definitely have a chance to come true because you have not only a desire but also real opportunities.

The Objectives and Finding the Meaning in Life

This is the main purpose of life that gives answers to the question about the meaning of human existence. The mentioned goals are just the small steps by which you can gradually achieve the most desirable goals. Of course, each of the purposes above can be the main goal for a specific person: it is a matter of personal choice.

In each person’s life such goals are very individual, they are keys to personal values and meanings, and they can become a vital mission of a human being. That is why you can bring only general examples into your essay to make a simple list of the most important goals in your life. They can be:

  • self-learning through the knowledge of the world (traveling around the world);
  • helping others to “find themselves” (education, creating of blogs and websites);
  • realizing your talents (writing poetry, making music, painting);
  • discover the “truth” (generating your own ideas about the meaning of life);
  • creating a strong family, raising and educating the children, giving them a good education;
  • achieving inner harmony with yourself;
  • finding one’s calling in life and following it.

Become a real guru in your profession to share experiences with others: for example, give up all bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Summing Up

After you have shown which goals are important for you and told about your personal way of achieving those goals, it is time to make conclusions. Tell the reader what is your progress now, how your situation is developing, be as honest as possible: your experience can be helpful for someone who struggles with the same problems.

Not all the goals do we turn into reality. Often it is not about laziness and weakness, it is the inability to formulate the problem correctly and decide on your priorities. Be aware of the life priorities you have, and that is how your essay structure can become well-organized and logically ordered.

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