Creating a Perfect Essay Paper: Step-by-Step Instruction

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The article analyzes some general characteristics of an essay. It includes several features that define such style of writing.

General Characteristics: Let’s Start

 An Essay

The most powerful teaching and educational functions in essay writing are to challenge students to be independent, critical-thinking, encourage the development of mental abilities and provide them with the necessary skills. These works help students go beyond the format and express what they have on their minds. The task of literary and language education consists of a whole range of educational functions. Particularly, it is aimed at getting a whole understanding of life values and its discovery in the human’s mind. Writing essays helps enrich the development of emotional and mental faculties – memory, attention, thought, speech and more. The amount of knowledge or reading you get should not be the main thing, as they do not define the quality. Real development means the ability to imagine, to empathize, to think analytically, to be organized, to summarize, and ultimately, use all these skills in everyday life. The Classroom helped us to find out more about it and share with you the most needed information.

How Should It Look Like?

It’s no secret that not all the students or graduates like and actually can write essays. However, the realities of modern life require some skills, which mean having the ability to adapt quickly, constantly replenish the knowledge base, develop intelligence, express controversial thoughts. Without the development of creative abilities, it is a difficult task to do. The teacher must use work techniques that encourage students to write their statements. An example of this type of technique can be a creative essay – a genre of artistic and journalistic, scientific and promotional work, usually almost free-structured and not necessarily an exclusive, but the distinctly individualized interpretation of the topic. The defining features of the essay are a small amount of writing, a specific theme that is given or chosen freely, subjective interpretation, and free composition. Typically, the essay expresses a fresh opinion about something. That is why it is extremely vital for the new generation to grasp its meaning. The style of the essay should be presented with the usage of new poetic images. While writing, it is essential to use at least a minimum amount of artistic expressions: metaphors, symbols, and comparisons. In the foreground of the essay, there is still the individuality of the author, his or her thoughts, feelings, attitudes to the world.

Main Features

The List

Such specific genre has some of the following features. First of all, the title of the essay may be not directly related to the topic. It is more of a reflection of the content; it can be a starting point in the thinking process of the author. The free composition of the essay is connected with its inner logic, but the basic idea of ​​the essay is meant to be found in a variety of reflections of the author. The problem should be viewed from different angles. Essays inherent emotionality, expressiveness, artistry. Experts believe that the properly written essay should represent the skillful use of the modern writing techniques. However, the style reflects the personality characteristics, but it is also useful to remember the rules. The task of the essay is not the narration or the given information. Concentrate on the explanation and put efforts into persuading the recipient with some brand new ideas. This “free” writing should represent independence, argumentativeness, original solution of the highlighted issue and have a note of controversy.

Express Yourself

The essay is an ideal way for teaching students to think critically and to develop speech competence. Sometimes an essay can be written in a small form. Something like a work in class that takes up 4-5 minutes after the discussion of a problem. Sometimes this method is used as the final reflection when there is no time for speaking. If you feel that your ideas, observations or research results already “matured” and wait for recognition, it is time to share. Different publications will make this sharing effective.

Additional Research

The essays and term papers that start with an idea and interest in a particular topic considered being more readable. Suddenly you realize that you noticed the pattern in the studied processes, texts, and statistics or, on the contrary, found an error in the allegations and strongly disagree with the thesis of an author. You may be particularly interested in a topic and studying it formulated your vision, revealed unexpected findings. The idea for an article may appear on anything and be presented in several ways. Even if you are familiar with the topic, it would be superfluous to study additional literature, so you can make the footnotes to the authors, who work or have worked in the field of this issue. Do not forget to formulate your point of view. After all, it is the basis of the essays’ structure. Write an essay considering the plan. Think about an interesting headline that will express the basic idea. Follow the plan while writing (the beginning, the middle part and the end). Then your essay will fully comply with the requirements and get the deserved assessment. The next step you should do is to pick the topic.


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