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Sometimes essay topics are offered by your teachers. Sometimes students are given the opportunity to choose how to work with the material. Here come the problem and the struggle. How to find a fun and useful topic to write on? If the theme does not provide you with the additional materials (it only consists of the reflection of your understanding), it does not mean that the essay requires an abstract style of presentation. In this case, you must select the material by yourself – one or several literary works. CanUWrite helped us out to prepare the best tips for you!

Look Differently

Use your imagination and your creativity will prevail. Choosing a topic is the key point in your essay. It would seem that all of them are already taken, but with each passing day the number of written works continues to grow, and only half of them deserve to be shown to their readers. The trick is that successful developers take a popular topic and observe it from another angle, which has not been discussed enough. So, do not give up, and continue looking for a suitable topic.

Listen to Your Heart

An Idea

While selecting a topic, you should “listen to your heart.” What does that mean? Consider your curiosity to certain issues or interest in some types of work. Your text should represent you in the best possible light. Not only should the topic express the creativity, but also be enjoyable. If you are a university student who cannot decide how to choose a topic, the first thing to do is to remember exactly to which discipline you have devoted yourself and what exactly will make you an expert in the field you have chosen.

Choosing a topic should be approached thoroughly. Because if the subject is difficult for you, it will be almost impossible to change it. It is important to know some basic rules to make the right choice. The following tips have helped many students.

Defining Rules

When choosing a topic, one should be aware of the area of it. Make sure you are not only passionate about it but also fully comprehend the issue you are writing about. It should also clarify what additional role it plays, considering previous works on the similar topic. This may contain educational and pre-diploma practice. The theme of the thesis can be formed from all three components of the practice where the student masters the practical elements of his future profession.

The second rule: the topic should be relevant. It is unlikely that someone will be interested in old data that will not represent any benefit even for some small production area or industry. Even using the old materials (as a foundation to build your theories and suggestions), make sure it adds some new innovation to the studying process.

The third one: the topic should be very simple. It does not require detailed consideration. However, sometimes using a complex topic, a not-straightforward writing, can spark the reader’s interest. You can add ambiguity, but without fanaticism. Select the theme of the project regarding its transferring function of information. It is clear that the area, which is described, should have a broad scope and should not be based on some definitions. The more you broaden the subject, the easier it will be to build a logical chain, followed by a description of an ongoing thesis.

Moreover, the information on the considered subject should be accessible in resources. Of course, you can write the essay by yourself from cover to cover, but if you are struggling with writing a scientific essay it will not be considered as a complete scientific work if you do not support it with definitions, and evidence of other authors.

More Tips

The title is intended to a potential reader. So, when the reader is looking at it, they need to realize how much content of the article corresponds to their interests. This means that the selected title should contain a brief idea of the essence of the work and not be too lengthy. It can be modified depending on the audience.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes! What would be a defining factor for you to read the essay? Clarity? Shortness? Humor? If you can express the main idea of ​​your work by a combination of four words instead of six, that will be great. However, it is not necessary to opt for a shorter, but a boring title, if there is an eye-catching, interesting, although longer version. Try to avoid the use of complicated scientific terms. If there is no special need, do not use the title words like “you,” “I,” “we,” “us,” as these are informal words, and your title will not look presentable. The selected title should not be repulsive. Avoid offensive language and profanities.

The perfect topic for the essay is a topic with an increased demand. It should make you feel passionate. It should be something you have experience in, something that contributes to reaching your aims. Basing your search on these four criteria, you should try to select a perfect topic. Next time we will talk about how to structure your essay and make it logical.



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